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A great number of factors are involved in putting together an effective marketing campaign. There’s consumer and industry requirements, competitive forces, channel realities, and delivery logistics that all must be considered during strategy and planning. The process can quickly become complex and convoluted.

At Fresh Communications, we understand the complexities in creating effective marketing campaigns. But we never lose site of the fact that the best marketing strategies are really quite simple: find out what the product/service does, find out what the customer needs, and draw a line between the two.

Fresh Communications creates straightforward, results-focused marketing campaigns that reach three objectives:

We help end consumers realize they have an itch.
We prove to them that they’d be better off if the itch was gone.
We demonstrate how your product/service scratches it.

From up front strategy consultation to tactical design and delivery; from a single-sided spec sheet to a fully integrated, cross-media 1:1 marketing campaign, the scope of our involvement is entirely up to you.

Fresh Communications core competencies include:

Spec sheets
Presentations & pitch books
Case studies
White papers
Website organization & design
Animated and/or interactive demos
Booth design
Packaging design

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