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Marketing is obviously a vital part of spreading the word about products/services. But it’s only one part. In fact, many would justifiably argue that a glossy brochure, presentation, or even a snazzy interactive flash piece are not nearly as important as a credible and knowledgeable salesperson. That’s why Fresh Communications recommends investing just as much thought and energy in training as you do on marketing—so what you tell your customers directly is exactly what your sales channels are telling your customers.


Training customers on how to use your products/services is just as important: how can they enjoy your products and services if they’re not using them correctly or to their full potential? More to the point: why would you expect them to be loyal or purchase other products/services from you if their first experience with your company isn’t what you promised it would be?


Fresh Communications core training capabilities include:

Curriculum development
Web-based training
Live training
Lunch and learns
Success stories
Sales information guides
Market Attack Plans

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